The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.
Blaise Pascal

When investing in i.e. using real estate, I consider the correlations in the sense of the quote by Blaise Pascal based on my experience of more than 25 years holistically and thereby in detail very specifically. I am happy to provide my clients and partners of DEUTROPOLIS with those individual experiences and their possibilities of use. It has always been an exciting challenge for me to be able to participate in the success of their projects.

Thereby the name DEUTROPOLIS stands for the connection of Germany and Metropolis as a connection of our country with the term of international metropolises – because real estate and cities as well as the variability of international connections, have always fascinated me commercially and culturally.

With best personal regards

Niels Fischer MRICS
(Managing Director | Shareholder)

Real Estate Management and Consulting

Properties used commercially as well as residentially must enable the users a basis for economic, efficient performance of their businesses i.e. for their personally desired quality of life. Real estate use the environment and represent themselves the environment at the same time. Both means a big, long-term responsibility on the part of the planners, developers and investors.

DEUTROPOLIS offers nationwide – and occasionally on an international level – very demanding services in support of strategic decisions, as well as for specific Real Estate Investment Projects in the area of location and real estate planning and consulting. I am the contact partner for questions about real estate investments as well as for development, optimising utilisation, usage and management of mainly commercial, as well as residentially used properties. DEUTROPOLIS sees commercially used real estate clearly as an economic asset. This asset has to be considered within a comprehensive approach for their users. Thereby both local and regional, in part also national and international influences of economic development must be observed.

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