Investment/Development Consulting

Project 1

l-e-hDevelopment consulting undertaken by the managing partner during the planing phase fir LEH Ludwig Erhard Haus, Berlin (HQ office for IHK und VBKI)

Project 2

Berlin-KarteA real estate special asset has been consulted in support of the purchase of a central inner-city area in Berlin in terms of market and competitor situation. Based on the design of international architects, around 74,000 sqm of best office and retail areas were built within a spectacular project development.

Project 3

Action alternatives for the sale of shares of a private investor’s investment were developed within a project review. The project was one of the most important project developments in Berlin with its total investment volume of over 400 million Euro.

Project 4

Energie Plus+ WohnhausPlots of land were searched, explored and evaluated for a special type of state-of-the-art Energy Plus+ residential buildings. Experiences were obtained from an existing prototype ensemble for the improvement of the concept of Generation 2.0 and provided for the project team.

Investment/Asset Management Consulting

Providing management for an office and shopping centre in Berlin for private investment. Among the users are national and international companies as well as local companies. The uses include office, retail, cinemas as well as hotels.

Corporate Real Estate Investment Consulting

Project 1

Within short time the evaluation of more than 20 individual projects at locations across Germany was performed for the balance review of a foreign company. The value of the portfolio was over 500 million Euro. Portfolio switching/sales were initiated based on the analysis results. Among the real estate uses were office, residential, hotels, retail properties and special uses.

Project 2

HavwoodsConsultancy for a rental contract for representative offices in central Berlin in terms of property selection and appropriateness of the rental contract conditions for a British company.

M&A Advisory

Support for a Family Office to recognise better the potentials of an acquired Real Estate Management company. Concrete action steps were articulated for the integration into the existing company.