Corporate Real Estate Management

On the background of mostly mid-term company planning, the human resource requirement and deriving from this, the space requirement is determined as basis of the site acquisition in close cooperation with the client’s management.

DEUTROPOLIS performs the complete analysis assessment and supports the search process accompanied by negotiations with owners, builders and agents, as far as decision making. The result is the decision for one site, building, rental space that is attractive considering all aspects.

According to the long-term company goals, the properties must be optimised in line with the objectives. Are the real estate costs really minimal considering a changed company structure? Have office and production premises been already adjusted to the economic outline data and future perspectives? My strength lies in the consequent profitability analysis from the perspective of an unbiased real estate expert. I will determine unused saving potentials i.e. earning possibilities due to solid analyses and I will realise the suggestions also in the interest of my clients.

The process includes 6 work steps:

  1. Initial inventory
  2. Evaluation at market value
  3. Development of alternative use scenarios
  4. Determining development potentials
  5. Defining consolidation i.e. sales strategies
  6. Implementing the concept